Fleastore is an Indian market with the unique idea of creating goods and selling everything from home it will help people or small vendors to grow their business with our help. It is a place full of handmade products creative items crafts customizable products and many more gifts. We are glad to be part of a community that provides such a wonderful service with the help of the platform, it helps vendors to sell their products all over India it also helps them to grow their small business from scratch to big Empire, there are lots of ways they can use this website it helps them create a good community which gave them a good competition. Our idea is to build a place where a small business can grow with the least investment and also help them to co-op with the business market, this will give a new start for the vendors who are not able to start. Our platform provides vendors with a good connection with buyers they can easily access every single benefit of this website and it will also make their life easy, this website provides vendors with a place where they can freely use anything they want and we provide the best facility to them.
As a company we want every single vendor to grow their business to their fullest we are providing them a space to grow with our help. We want we grow together and make a good community for that we provide you with our best possible facilities for more information click here.


Lav kush

Chief executive officer (CEO)


Chief marketing officer (CMO)




Chief technology officer (CTO)


Order Management Head